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Meet Pennie Woods

How did you get interested in real estate?
After a very successful 33 years in Corporate America working for a fortune 50 company in an executive capacity I retired. For several years I did consulting in my industry and finally decided it was time for a change. I have always been in sales and customer service and had wonderful training and experience with my previous company. I like helping people and find it very satisfying when my customers are pleased with the support and service I offer. So after deep contemplation I though Real Estate might be a perfect fit ! So in 2010 I became and realtor and all my expectations have been achieved.

What is your favorite part of working in real estate?
Real Estate is a wonderful place to meet new people/ clients, understand their wants, needs and desires. Home ownership is a dream and most people want to be part of the dream. Helping people find the right home, in the right neighborhood at the right price is the most rewarding feeling. After 7 years in the industry I have had the fortune to sell residential, retail, commercial and farm properties. This was accomplished because my previous background gave me the skills to understand these industries and how to successfully market them to seller/buyers. I like being well rounded and work with diverse properties. It’s very exciting and rewarding for me…it keeps me young and engaged with the world!

What do you like to do outside of real estate?
I love visiting and entertaining at our lake house at Huntington Lake. Coupled with this is my interest in Antiques, buying and selling, along with decorating, design work, and providing a vision for updating and change in any environment.

Who is your hero and why?
I would say my parents. Because of my dad’s military service, and my mothers love of traveling, they moved my sister and I all over the world before I was 18. I was exposed to many countries, cultures and fabulous experiences. They showed us how to survive, enjoy diversity, and be very self assured no matter where we lived or what we did. The mainstay in our family was to be self-reliant, well educated, resilient. and flexible. I am very blessed to have been exposed to so much as a young age!

What is the best part of living in the Central Valley?
Easy question…..the people!